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Sunrise & Midmorning Service

The sunrise and midmorning services take place at 7(Seven) O'clock and 9(Nine) O'clock in the morning every Sunday.

Morning Glory Service

The Morning Glory service takes place from Tuesday to Friday of every week. The service starts at 6:30a.m and ends at 7:30a.m


Wednesdays Service

Every Wednesday, there are Lunch Hour Prayer Service which start at 12:30 - 1:30 p.m and Wednesday Turning Point Service which starts at 5:30p.m

Friday Service

On Fridays there's The Upper Room Experience which takes place every 1st and last Friday of the month. There's also th Joint Youth Fellowship which starts at 5:30p.m

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Loving God,
Loving Others and Serving the World

Praise Chapel has been in existence since the 17 th December 2007 when the first service was held. This took place in a hired hall owned by the Star of the Sea Girls with approximately 100 worshippers attending the service. At this time, Bishop Tee Nalo the vision bearer set up a team to help with coordinating the ministry matters. This ministry was later officially launched in February 2008

Various ministries were formed during this time amongst them being the Men’s ministry, Women ministry, Eagles ministry, Youth ministry, Sunday school ministry, and the Missions ministry. These ministries have touched the lives of our men, women, young adults, youths, children and the communities around in a special way.

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We get it. Sometimes life happens and you can’t make it to church on Sunday. Or you worship at one service but you don’t want to miss the others. We’ve got you covered! Here are some of the most recent sermons.

Church Sermon

Bishop Tee Nalo



Pastor Liz Tee


Inspirational Message of God

Bro Suswe


How to effectively love yourself

Bishop Tee Nalo


Upcoming Events

A list of our upcoming events


Our Pastors

We are blessed to have in our midst these strong people of GOD

Bishop Tee Nalo

Senior Pastor

Liz Tee


James Imbo

Youth Pastor

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